Free Starter ToolkitSmall Business Leader’s Guide to Developing a Winning Marketing Plan

As the owner or leader of a small business, creating a marketing plan that gets results is tough. There are so many ways a small business can do marketing today. How do you decide what is best for your business and your customers? 

We've developed a simple yet robust method for creating strong marketing plans for a small business. We've used this method over and over to create and implement marketing plans for our clients that get results. As a B2B marketing agency, we know small business marketing strategies are critical. And now, we're sharing our method with you, so you can replicate it for your business.

With this free Small Business Toolkit, you will learn how to quickly yet effectively create a successful marketing plan for your business. You also receive relevant marketing plan templates.

Download our Toolkit to learn all the fundamentals of a great small business marketing plan, including:

  • What are buyer personas, and why creating them is critical for your plan
  • How to quickly research important SEO keywords and content ideas for your audience (using free, publicly available tools)
  • The five elements of a successful Marketing Plan, and how it all stems from defining your Business Objectives
  • Pitfalls to avoid and other key considerations for a highly successful plan
  • How to measure and improve your marketing on an ongoing basis
  • As a bonus, we're also including our secret Marketing Plan Worksheet, which you can use to develop the plan for your business

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